San Jeronimo de Tarrazu – The Reunion


Miya – Back in 1999, I participated in this volunteer program called Amigos de Las Americas in Costa Rica.  I lived with a local family in this small, rural town amidst the coffee mountains, hours outside of San Jose.  I taught English classes, planted gardens, taught about dental hygiene etc…  I learned to dance the Merengue and Cumbia, played on the local soccer team and bonded intensely with the family and all the children. This is where my love for Spanish began and where I developed a special bond with the Camacho Mora family.  The day I left that town I declared: “I will come back and visit someday.”  Who would think that after 11 years, I’d roll up to this tiny little coffee mountain town and find the entire family sitting around together.  I didn’t even know where they lived anymore, just simply asked someone at the local convenient store if they knew where Don Elidio lived.  We found the house, pulled up in the driveway and I jumped out of the car.  I saw him sitting on the couch and I said “Remember me? Miya”.  The whole family was in shock.  We ended up chatting for hours, getting a tour of the town, eating home cooked food (my favorite fried banana with condensed milk and fresh coffee) and exchanging memories.  Don Elidio played some music on his guitar, I chatted with Dona Luz in the kitchen and we traded facebook addresses with the younger kids.  It was crazy to see the changes from a small farm house to now a bigger home with modern appliances, a telephone, internet and now have the ability to communicate online!


Paulo – Há 11 anos atrás, a Miya participou de um programa voluntário para morar com uma família e trabalhar numa cidade bem pequena na região das montanhas de café da Costa Rica. O programa durou 3 meses e depois disso, ela nunca mais teve contato com eles. Depois de passar uma noite em San José, a gente alugou um carro e partiu em busca da família. Após algumas horas procurando a cidade, finalmente a encontramos e perguntamos em um mercadinho onde era a casa de Don Elidio, que aparentemente tinha se mudado desde aquela época. Então achamos a casa nova e por coincidência (era sábado) todos estavam na varanda quando subimos com o carro na rampa da garagem. A cara da família quando a Miya falou quem era e a felicidade dela de rever todos foi tipo um comercial da Mastercard: Priceless!!


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  1. adorei a família costa riquenha da Miya. Paulo, HÁ 11 anos (esqueceu?)e não a ll anos.

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