Puerto Escondido and Oaxaca coast – Heavy!

Greg Long

Miya – This place is best described as an international surf destination where the Pipeline-like barrels are clearly the talk of the town. However it was not a good place to swim.  Our balcony looked right out to the waves.  It was as hot as ever, the kind of heat that makes you sweat seconds after stepping out of the shower.  While Paulo surfed, I’d go for a morning run or jump into the pool.  Loved the day I caught a local yoga class where I practiced the Hatha positions with an ocean view in an open-air wooden room with a thatched roof made of palms.  June 9th was my bday which began with an exploration of 2 little adjacent towns, Mazunte, Zipolite –  known to be health conscious, expat communities. They are considered a sort of energy vortex so I found it exciting to participate in a Qui Gong meditation class on the top of a hill, again overlooking the ocean and mountains.  Foodwise, we had our fare share of burritos and tostadas however the local Pizza we ate in a tiny town south of Puerto was more than a dinner.  Over a few Coronas, we learned how the restaurant owner Carlos started his business from scratch and now had a successful joint – and yes, it sure had a cool vibe, reggae music, atmospheric light, open air seating overlooking horses and nature, and a ceiling lined with flags from all over the world.  The fact that you meet some many people from different countries always adds spice to your travels.  We also connected with a group of Brazilian surfers and went on a boat ride exploring a fairly deserted beach.  That day my Portuguese speaking skills all came back to me!

My Favorite Foods

1 – Vegi Burritos @ La Flor de Zicatela Café (a local run family joint)

2 – Spinach / Cheese pastries @ Cafecito


Paulo – Puerto Escondido é uma das ondas mais pesadas que já surfei… Foi esse o pensamento que ficou na minha cabeça após ter saído de lá. O mar não estava alinhado, o fundo não estava perfeito. Todos comentavam como a onda não parecia ser aquele “Mex Pipe” de sempre… Só em dois dias a formação estava boa, sendo que em um deles o mar tava muito grande p/ mim (veja foto do Greg Long acima). Resultado: 2 dias de surf em Puerto, 2 sessions muito boas em um secret que já não é mais secret, 1 expedição irada p/ um point ao norte de Zicatela e 2 dias bons em La Punta! O litoral de Oaxaca é muito surf… A trip ainda contou com a presença do Jou, Patricia e sua filha Letícia (vizinhos de varanda no hotel), Rodrigs Santelli, Ronaldinho de Camburi, Luciana e os brothers brasukas da trip de barco. Todo mundo contribuiu para que os nossos dias em Zicatela fossem só alegria e muita positividade! Viva México cabrones!


Hotel Acuario – the official headquarters

Puerto drop

Paulo’s drop in Puerto… Photo: Alyson Doria


An empty left, way bigger than it looks


Boat trip north of Zicatela


Local kids chilling. Photo: Miya


The first session of the trip – Paulo’s set wave. Photo: Alyson Doria


Fresh fish


Brazilian crew was 100% positivity and surf. Valeu galera!


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  1. Oi Paulo, suas fotos estão maravilhosas, de profissional. Que ondas em Puerto Escondido hein?

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