Amazonia: Brazil, nice to meet you!

Miya – This was the first of 3 trips – with my Mom and Dad in Brasil.  From Manaus, it was a 3 hour drive (Ferry, Farms, Trees, Dirt Roads), to arrive in the midst of the Amazon Rainforest.  We pulled up to the Anavillianas Lodge, the driver honked his horn, and there appeared 2 of the staff.  Our luggage was shuttled off to our adorable, wooden bungalow and we were escorted to the lounge area where we started off our stay with fresh squeezed PassionFruit juice.  The lodge was beautifully natural– all made of wood, with color and open air areas. Our exertions ranged from piranha fishing to crocodile spotting, to visiting a local community, to canoeing through the jungle.  A few distinct memories were: the loud roar of the chirping birds as we canoed in the rain, the piercing wasp that flew up my mom’s hiking pants, the 3 home cooked meals prepared for us every day, the floating city in Manaus.

Favorite Foods:  **Fresh fish, Green Salad, Coconut Pudding, Rice, Fruit Juice @ Anavillians Lodge


Paulo É mais fácil encontrar brasileiros que conhecem a Califórnia, Argentina, Europa, Disney do que encontrar os que já foram p/ Amazônia… Não sei se é pelo preço da viagem (que pode ser um pouco cara a nível de Brasil) ou se é pela falta de divulgação da região e seus atrativos. Mas o que eu tenho certeza é que essa viagem me abriu a cabeça quanto a beleza do nosso país e a necessidade de se conhecer outros lugares do mundo que não sejam só do “surf”. Em Manaus, você se encontra com um tipo diferente de Brasil: meio parado no tempo, meio flutuante, vivendo em função do Rio Amazonas e seus afluentes. Os visuais foram incríveis e aprendemos muito sobre a região, o povo, suas alegrias e dificuldades. Brasil, prazer em conhece-lo!

Traditional Vitoria Regia (Lily) Pads in Manaus

Our quaint bungalow – reminded me of Tahiti

Impressive trees sprouting out of the Rio Negro

Macaw – The famous bird you think of when you imagine the Amazon

The “Cabloclo” kids – simple life, they were building a fort with sticks

Paulo holding an Anaconda. Photo: Miya

Bicho Preguiça = Sloth

Feeding the Boto with fresh fish. Photo: Miya

Sunrise – out on the boat at 5am

~ by The Local Way on February 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Amazonia: Brazil, nice to meet you!”

  1. what is that thing Paulo is feeding? Looks scary! Gorgeous photography, guys!

    • Hey Bebe, thanks for the comment! That is a Boto, a type of pink dolphin common to the Amazon area… Once your fish is over, they are gone! hehehe

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