Guarda do Embaú – “There’s a natural mystic flowing through the air”

Miya – Second stop in the south, Guarda had charm.  There was a tiny little sign on the main highway, where you had to make a sharp left to even get on the road.  You drive for a good 20 minutes and see all but farms.  I remember thinking “Woa, is there really this cool beach that Paulo keeps talking about, at the end of this road?”  Then immediately you are spit into this adorable, quaint hippie, natural, beachy town.  I got excited as we passed natural juice bars, stores filled with handmade jewelry and restaurants with tables lining the sidewalk.  We rented a room with kitchen from this local fisherman.  It was right on the river that connects to the ocean.  My favorite night was when we headed to this open air restaurant, literally right next door.  You walked in and they had a reggae band playing, tons of wooden decks, cute tables with candles, plants everywhere – lots of style.  The nachos were delicious, the seafood risotto was rich but tasty but the crepe at the end was the topping.  During the day, I loaded on the sunscreen, and we headed to the beach, however the charm really came when you had to take a fisherman boat across the river to reach the beach.  And as Paulo said, it’s extremely relaxing when you don’t have to use the car at all while in Guarda.

Favorite Food:  **The delicious Nachos and cold beer @ the restaurant next door to our Posada


Paulo – Talk about places with a different vibe. Guarda do Embaú, located approximately one hour south of Florianópolis, is one of those spots that has a strong energy in the air. It is a small fishermen village that holds one of the best waves in Brasil when it turns on. Any place that you can park your car and not touch it until it’s time to leave, is good enough for us! Enjoy some images of this very special place:

Torre da Guarda – The river meets the ocean

All the hippies @ night selling their jewelry… Of course, Miya was a frequent customer

Hiking after a day in the sun…

Rocks and hills meeting the ocean… This is where the cows hang out

Muddy Steps

Paulo and Guto in the natural rock pools

Evening time.


~ by The Local Way on January 24, 2010.

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